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Infineon acquires a 9.4% stake in PCB maker Schweizer Electronic
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pcb proofing Industry News: Semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies AG and printed circuit board (PCB) maker Schweizer Electronic (FSE: SCE) announced that Infineon will acquire 9.4% stake in Schweizer. Related agreements have been signed.

The two companies agree to strictly keep the terms of the contract.

The injection of Schweizer, Infineon highlighted its partnership with partners to develop the power semiconductor and PCB integration technology and mining high-power automotive and industrial applications chip embedded market determination. Schweizer's chip embedding technology can be used in conjunction with BLADE®, Infineon's proprietary chip-in-package technology for applications such as direct-current power supply (DC / DC conversion) for computer and telecom system processors.
Chip embedding technology to create advantages
Although PCBs nowadays connect chips to their front and back, the future of chip-embedded technology allows semiconductors to be "embedded" into the PCB. This helps to reduce the size of the PCB, thereby benefiting a very small available system such as an electric steering system, active suspension system or electric water pump in a car. Moreover, this technology can improve the chip cooling process, the heat generated by the chip directly through the PCB dissipated. This is particularly beneficial for applications that require high power and that power semiconductors have so far required the use of sophisticated cooling technologies such as compressors up to 2 kW in automotive air conditioning systems. In addition, the automotive industry expects the 48 volt network to play a more important role than the existing 12 volt car network. Because it is possible to use higher power, it is easier to extend the hybrid function (5-20 kW "eTurbo") to mid to low-end cars. This is the chip embedded technology come into play.

PCB proofing

Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss, Ph.D.

"We rely on system capabilities and innovative technologies to improve the performance and energy efficiency of automotive and industrial applications." Capital injection Schweizer supports our journey from focusing on a product to providing a system solution. Create tremendous added value for your customers as it enables your customers' systems to become more compact and efficient. "

PCB production

Marc Schweizer, CEO, Schweizer Electronic

Dr. Marc Schweizer, CEO of Schweizer Electronic, explains: "The system boundaries between the PCB and the semiconductor will change, which will require new business models.It is conceivable that there will be tremendous growth potential in this area in the coming years. Feiling is a leader in power semiconductor technology and Schweizer is a leading manufacturer of high quality printed circuit boards for the automotive and industrial markets. Our two companies are perfect partners for their outstanding market position and good customer relationships. A little, we have jointly developed customer customized solutions demonstration products have been proven. "
Given the company's long history, Dr. Schweizer added: "In 165 years of history, Schweizer has demonstrated time and again that we can keep our business sustainable by leveraging the flexibility and ability to quickly adapt to market trends. Infineon's alliance is another big step toward our goal of reshaping the electronics industry. "
Infineon is a technology leader in power semiconductors and Schweizer is a leading manufacturer of high quality PCBs. In the automotive industry, both companies are number two in the world in their respective market segments.

Over the years, Infineon and Schweizer have close cooperation in the field of automotive electronics. In October 2013, a battery switch, jointly developed by both parties, was introduced to safely disconnect a car battery in the event of an accident or other critical situation.