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PCB proofing industry peak season near the end of cold copper substrate operation
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pcb proofing industry near the end of the peak season, soft and hard copper foil substrate (CCL) plant in November revenue have been released in October below, but still optimistic about the downstream with apple, server concept PCB industry prospects.

PCB in recent years, the operation of the relatively dazzling copper foil substrate Taiwan Optoelectronics (2383), Taiwan (6274), Taiwan Hong (8039), new yanko (3144) have disclosed revenue in November, Hong kong 8 month low, Although the 4 worst, the Taiwan-yao, the new yanko although the 5-month low, but compared with last November, Taiwan's optoelectronics, the new yanko, Taiwan, Yao also increased by 35.53%, 16.12%, 22.62%, showing This year's traditional off-season operation is still good, less off-season than in previous years.

The soft and hard CCL plants said that in December the passing of their Christmas and New Year holidays in Europe and the United States will continue to be off-season under the influence of traditional inventory variables. However, this year's decline will be significantly lower than in previous years, mainly from terminals such as servers and apples Hot, the relevant soft and hard pcb proofing plant will not off-season off-season.

Taiwan Optoelectronics, Taiwan's first three quarters of bright business dazzling, a big boost from the server PCB proofing plant; Taiwan Hong, the new third quarter Yanko also benefited from Apple's soft printed circuit board (FPC) plant is obviously pulling goods. Taihong stressed that the recent decline in revenue was mainly due to the impact of another category of solar backsheet (PV Backsheet). Based on the prudential principle of receipt and withdrawal, the recent shipping policy tends to be conservative.